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"I've been in the produce business for over 40+ years and have dealt with over a dozen produce warehouses in that time. I've worked as a Produce Manager, buying several truckloads of produce weekly. I've also been a merchandiser, produce director and helped set up several new stores.... I met with the Tom Maceri and Son Produce Wholesalers in the early 90's and have grown to be one of their biggest fans since! They provide some of the best quality produce in the industry while providing their customers with professional support staff and the best customer service anywhere! If you're looking for variety and the highest quality produce available, then look no farther than Tom Maceri and Son..."The King of Freshness!" "
Jackson,  MI
"We rely on Tom Maceri & Son to provide our customers the best products. They always deliver."
City,  State
"Very well managed business, and great to do work with as well."
Detroit,  MI
"It's always a relief when someone with obvious expertise answers. Thanks!"
Trinity ,  MI
"I've worn many hats in my close to 2 decades of being involved in the produce industry. My currently role is in purchasing for arguably the most prestigious retailer in the nation. Meeting the needs and demands of consumers in this fast paced line of work is never easy. Competition within the industry is at an all time high, and each business is always looking for a new way to be innovative and differentiate themselves from the other. I've always believed in only bringing in the highest quality and freshest product available on the market place at a reasonable and fair cost. Tom Maceri and Son has been able to do that for me on a consistent basis, as well as supplying me with unique first to market specialty items, and limited product that may not be easily available due to market conditions. What keeps me coming back to Tom Maceri and Son time after time is there commitment to excellence with serving the specific needs of their customers, and developing a personal one on one relationship that really leaves you walking away knowing you are in good hands! As this industry continues to grow and evolve so does Tom Maceri and Son. I couldn't be prouder to have such a dedicated and passionate partner in my corner! "
Chicago ,  IL

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